We’ve been Sunstruck!

We are so excited to introduce you to our newest type of needles, Sunstruck!

These gorgeous needles are a blonde twist on our Harmony needles – it’s the same laminated birch wood as the Harmony needles, but with a beautiful sun kissed look to them.  We’ve all completely fallen in love with them & we think you will too. They are available in interchangeable, fixed circular, and straight needles – perfect for any project.

I have been a Harmony girl from day one – even before I worked here at Knit Picks, I had the full set of interchangeables and they’ve been honestly the only needles I’ve used for several years now.  So I was pretty eager to try out Sunstruck. I immediately switched them out on a current sock project I was working on & played with them for a while.

And I love them!  While I didn’t have too much of a problem with the color of the Harmony needles, Sunstruck‘s lighter wood made it much easier to see my stitches, especially with the darker yarn of the Felici colorway I’m using.  And they are just so pretty & smooth to use, just like our beloved Harmony needles (and just as pointy!) and so much stronger than the bamboo ones I used to regularly use.

So now you have even more choices for needles!  Sunstruck, like Harmony, Nickel, and Zephyrs, will work with all our Options interchangeable cords & tools, so you can mix and match your needles to suit any project.

So what do you think of Sunstruck?