Welcome to the Mother’s Day Chill Zone!

Mother’s day can mean different things depending on you and your family’s traditions. For some it means gathering with family and celebrating together; others – a quiet day in. But for every Mother on Mother’s day, there’s one thing that I think should always come with the territory: some well-deserved time in the chill zone.

Being a parent so often requires you to put aside your own needs to prioritize those of your family, but Mother’s day is about appreciating all that hard work and sacrifice. Every mom deserves to have her dedication celebrated!

Here are some ideas and suggestions of how to spend some of that hard-won time relaxing this Mother’s Day:

Morning with the Family
Collage of a yogurt parfait, the caterpillar shawlette from Knit Picks, and the Kung Fu Panda movie poster.
A simple breakfast (that even younger kids can make with some help), a family-friendly movie that’s fun for adults, and a gorgeous shawlette you can knit while watching can make this Mother’s Day morning a fabulous wake-up!

To Eat:  Yogurt Parfait
To Watch:  Kung Fu Panda
To Knit:  Caterpillar Shawlette (Free Pattern)

Family Brunch Get-Together
Collage of Raspberry Sunrise Mimosas and mini quiches
Nobody has to agree on what they want with these mini-quiches, and everyone gets to have it their way – no fuss. Pairing these with mimosas that are as beautiful as they are delicious, makes for a perfect no-stress brunch that Mom (and Grandma!) can enjoy.

To Eat:  Any-Flavor Mini Quiches
To Drink:  Raspberry Sunrise Mimosas

Quiet Evening Wind-Down
Collage of a closeup of the sugar twist cowl, Strawberry Cupcakes, Strawberry Berryoska, Horizon Zero Dawn illustration, and Star Trek Voyager picture with the cast members lined up.
This is the evening for relaxing and some serious Mom Time. I love to spend my downtime bouncing between watching TV while I knit and playing video games, so I’ve got suggestions for both! Strawberry season, the Sugar Twist Cowl, and some great sci-fi with strong female leads come together for a fun night in!

To Eat:  Fresh Strawberry Cupcakes
To Drink:  Strawberry Berryoska
To Watch:  Star Trek: Voyager
To Knit:  Sugar Twist Cowl (Free Pattern)
To Play:  Horizon Zero Dawn

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  1. Emily Katehis / May 13, 2018

    Mother’s days at home are the best. Simply lounging and not doing anything is my favorite thing to do. It’s too hectic to go anywhere where I live anyway.