Website Updates!

You may have noticed we’ve made a couple of changes to the way our yarn and tools pages display on the Knit Picks web site. You can see a good example of the yarn page changes on the Shine Sport page.  The biggest change to the yarn pages is that we’ve added a new tag, “Goodbye”.

Items that show a “Goodbye” tag on the top are those that are being discontinued. We are committed to labeling all discontinued items as soon as we have made the decision to no longer carry them.  We’re hoping this will help you with project planning and give you the opportunity to stock up on discontinued colors you love while they’re still available. “Goodbye” yarns, books, and tools are not necessarily discounted, it’s just a heads up that we are not re-ordering them once our current stock is gone.

The trade off is that we won’t be able to mark yarn colors “Last Chance” anymore. “Last Chance” only showed up when colors were discontinued and low on stock. With “Goodbye”, you will still know what is not being re-ordered, but you’ll have more notice.

“Last Chance” will still show up on the web site for kits and a few other limited edition items.

We’ve also added some new images to yarn pages to show you how yarns look knit up and to give you and idea of their scale and halo (see images next to the red arrow below). 

In addition to the changes we’ve made with our yarn pages, you may have also noticed that our Tools page displays differently as well.  We’ve done our best to make the side navigation and the quick-select boxes below the main image much easier to navigate.  We hope that this will assist you in finding what you need more quickly and easily than ever before. 

Here’s what the side navigation looks like:

and here’s what you will see below the main image on the tools page:

We are constantly looking to improve our web site and provide our customers with a more pleasant online shopping experience; we hope these changes make it easier for you to shop for yarn at Knit Picks. Look for even more changes and updates coming this summer!