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Knit Picks rainbow Hue Shift Afghan pattern.

Are you one of the many knitters who has made our Hue Shift Afghan? No, you say? What are you waiting for? As a special treat for our customers, we’re offering the pattern as a free download with a $25 purchase! There are several curated colorway kits to choose from, or you can get extra creative and create your own. Yes, you have made it? The Hue Shift is one of those projects that begs to be made over and over again. Mix it up and try a new color theme or make one as a gift for your very favorite person in their favorite colors.

To get yours, it’s pretty simple: spend $25 or more and enter promo code HUESHIFT at checkout. That’s it. The pattern will be automatically added to your cart for FREE!

Want to see this universally loved pattern in action? Check out these versions that folks in the community have created!

insta:  @cagedfayth   (Ravelry: cagedfayth)

Hue Shift is so popular, even cool cats love it.

insta: @rubyinstitches  (Ravelry: viki)

We love this subtly sophisticated colorway! @rubyinstitches used the Home Decor kit and changed the border to a grey color instead.

insta: @flyinggiraffe  (Ravelry: flyinggiraffe)

This version of the Baby Hue Shift is so playful and vivid! @flyinggiraffe  decided to use her own arrangement of Knit Picks Brava Sport Pastels, not the exact colors or order called for in the pattern.

insta: @RaayKy    (Ravelry: raayky)

Did you know? Puppos also love the Hue Shift, and because it’s done in Brava Sport yarns, it’s machine washable!

insta: @alishyarose  (Ravelry: alishyaburrell)

@alishyarose used her own color choices in this version, making it that much more special for her wedding day photos.

Note: This promo ends 6/17, so don’t delay. Oh, and happy knitting!

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  1. Kristi / June 11, 2019

    i’m making a smaller version right now as a baby blanket!! love it!