Twelve Weeks of Gifting: Woodland Winter Mittens

Welcome to the sixth week in our Twelve Weeks of Gifting series of free patterns! This week we’re featuring the beloved Woodland Winter Mittens pattern. Knit your way through the seasons with nature scenes that span both mittens in each pair. Falling leaves, grazing elk, Northern lights, snowflakes, snow birds, and a sprouting seed to signify the beginning of spring will keep your needles busy!

This pattern has a whopping 44 pages and includes three colorways – Original, Bright and our newest: Stormy (shown above), all for free, for one week only! Hurry over to the Woodland Winter Mittens to see the other colorways and download your very own copy before we’re on to our next installment, next Wednesday.


  1. Cynthia Brooks / November 9, 2015

    Thank you for the free patterns! These mittens are beautiful in all the colorways.

  2. Gjj / November 5, 2015

    Beautiful! I wish I felt more comfortable with fair isle. So far I’m just a beginner.

  3. Lacey Smith / November 5, 2015

    Thanks for the free patterns! I heart ♥ KnitPicks. Another beautiful design by Kerin Dimeler-Laurence!

  4. Ashley (12) / November 4, 2015

    Whoa, if I knew fair isle I would definitely make these!

  5. Cindy Irvine / November 4, 2015

    Wow! these are lovely!