Tiny Spring Knits


I rediscovered my size 0 DPNS and some sort of spring FEVER just swept right over me. Before I knew it I had knit up a whole passel of Anna Hrachovec’s Tiny Cupcakes and a Tiny Easter Bunny lined up next to me! All this adorable knitting happened during a burst of sun over the weekend, so I was able to camp out on my back stoop and whip out all of these guys in an afternoon. I had one ball each of Sky, Blush, Wheat, Grizzly Heather and White Palette in a little basket and I just loved peeking at those happy colors together as I worked.

My new little friends are safely packed away in a box and ready to head across the country for a certain lady’s birthday this week, I hope they brighten her day like they did mine! Have you tried knitting very tiny things? I’m a HUGE fan of Anna Hrachovec’s patterns. I’ve knit my fair share of Tiny Gnomes but I think these cupcakes are just my cup of tea because I can try all sorts of color combinations and wind up with a cute set in just one afternoon!


  1. Teresa K / April 5, 2013

    Ike her tiny patterns also. I have made a snowman and the pirates. Super cute.

  2. Elvyra / April 4, 2013

    Great use for Felici yarn!!

  3. ForeverWrens / April 4, 2013

    Those are so CUTE!! I absolutely *love* knitting tiny things—Mochimochiland is one of my most favorite places to visit!.. 🙂

  4. Raili / April 4, 2013

    These are so cute!! You’ve revived my desire to knit some tinies!! I may have to sit down this afternoon with some Palette and my sock needles and see what I can come up with. 🙂

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