Tiny Kitten

I’ve been trying to be good about finishing up long-lingering projects this year.  I tend to get distracted by new patterns and yarns that come across my desk, so I constantly have a pile of projects with unwoven ends or half-knitted sleeves.

I found this little guy in a plastic shoebox, just missing his ears:

I was about to look for stash yarn to finish him up, but then I found two little knitted ears in the bottom of the box.  I was so close!  I have no idea what kept me from the finish line with this project, but I’m thoroughly embarrassed.  He even had his face and tiny black button eyes all finished – shame on me!

Looking at my Ravelry notes (where I also found out that I started this project in 2008), I used Swish DK and the free Kate pattern from Knitty.com and had decided to make him a fat pet without arms or legs for maximum squishability.  

Welcome to the world, squishable kitty!  I promise to let you see the light of day and not bury you in any more plastic shoeboxes!