Three Weekend Baby Blanket

This is the baby blanket I started on our road trip to Seattle. As usual, I was a “bit” optimistic thinking I would finish the whole thing over the weekend. One, I forgot how easily I fall asleep riding in a car. Two, I was completely unprepared for a stunningly beautiful day on Saturday. Bob, his son Adam and I walked and walked and walked the city. Then, we went out to dinner with Adam and a couple of his friends. Yummy, yummy Vietnamese food!

The only “realistic” part of my naming convention was Weekend. Over three weekends, and a few staff meetings, I finished this blanket in record time. I loved using the simple design based on the classic washcloth pattern. Working corner to corner allowed me to control the size and use up the bits of Comfy Worsted I found in our office stash. 

When I got the yarn home, I laid the balls out on the carpet and played around until I got a sequence I liked.

Guessing at whether I had full balls or less than that, I assigned numbers to each ball figuring out where I thought I would stop increasing and begin decreasing.

Things worked out pretty well. I ended up putting a narrow strip of extra Bison in the Sea Foam corner because I was getting a little bit paranoid. 

When you are using a corner to corner pattern like this, you don’t have to match yarn weights. It is a fun way to play with colors and textures from your stash. The result can be a colorful, luxurious, grown-up blankie for yourself.