Things We’re Thankful For This Year

We are thankful for you!

With the US getting ready to celebrate Thanksgiving this week, all of us here in the KP office have been thinking about what we are thankful for this past year. Here’s what is on our lists:

Alison, Director of Knit Picks

I’m thankful for my family of tolerant, patient sweater models – they cheerfully allow themselves to be subjected to strangely-sized neck openings and random sleeve lengths.

I’m also so, so grateful to work with such a sharp, funny, supportive team of knitters and crocheters. I am incredibly proud to work for Knit Picks and the people here are why I love showing up to work every day.

Stacey, Outreach Director

I’m thankful for many things! I changed positions earlier this year at Knit Picks, so I get to work a wonderful bunch of test knitters and designers who always keep me on my toes – and give me so much inspiration for my own knitting and crochet projects.

I’m also thankful for my significant other, as we have celebrated our 10 year anniversary this year – we got through all that time without killing each other!

Hannah, Catalog Director

I am so happy that I never have to choose between work and play, they’re one and the same for me! This past year has been a blur of new friendships, a trip to Germany and some wonderful adventures around Portland with plenty of knitting, weaving and sewing sprinkled throughout. Here’s to an equally memorable 2017!

Heidi, Art Director

I’m grateful for a wonderful first year of marriage with my kind and sweet husband, along with the oft-taken for granted things: a roof over our heads, a job I love, a safe country to live in, plenty of food on the table, and lots of good books & yarn to fill our otherwise zealously clutter-free home.

Emily, Graphic Designer

I’m thankful for a creative job where I get to look at gorgeous projects every day, and for my incredible, supportive colleagues that work so hard and have fun while doing it.

Alexis, Merchandise Planner

2016 brought own two major life events for me in the same week: New Job and a House. I am ever so grateful for getting to work with such a fantastic and supportive team that took a chance on me, it’s been so much fun – seriously dudes – I love it. Not to mention how grateful I am to my husband and friends for making our new house feel like our home.

Jennifer, Marketing Director

Professionally, I am thankful to have been so fortunate to have found Knit Picks. I have a job I love, and every day I’m surrounded by really amazing people (that I actually LIKE being around) who are bursting with creativity. (Plus, YARN.)

Personally, sometimes I feel like I won the lottery. I am married to a truly amazing, smart, talented – and really gorgeous – person (and for some crazy reason he loves me too!), and we have two rambunctious, silly, creative, beautiful boys. Seriously, life is so good.

Daniel, Administrative Assistant

Most immediately, I am grateful for my wonderful new job. I loved my previous one, but Knit Picks has somehow managed to be even better (yarn, which my other job sadly lacked, helps with that).

For the last year overall, I really couldn’t have done without knitting and my best friend. So, thanks to my mom for teaching me to knit all those years ago, and to Amanda for being awesome.

That’s your KP staff! But most of all, we are thankful for YOU, our wonderful customers who keep us going every single day and inspire us with your creativity and suggestions. No matter where you are, we hope your week is filled with family, friends and food – and maybe a little yarny goodness too!





  1. Lonormi Manuel / November 22, 2016

    I join thousands of other knitters, crocheters, and fiber artists in being thankful for YOU GUYS. Each and every one of you contributes to my creative work, by helping me buy beautiful yarn at budget-friendly prices, with awesome customer service. Thanks very much for all you do, and I hope you have a very happy Thanksgiving!!

  2. Caroline Collins / November 22, 2016

    Also I’m so grateful for the dollar sale you had! It allowed me to buy patterns I’ve been eyeing for a long time. I think I’ll be getting those today! If they ar delivered before lunch I am going home for lunch.

  3. Caroline Collins / November 22, 2016

    Thank you for the daily inspiration that helps me get through overwhelming days

  4. Jane in FL / November 21, 2016

    How nice to meet you all! A Happy Thanksgiving and I am very grateful for Knitpicks and all the nice people I have talked to throughout the years. I have at least 1 project on some sort of Knitpicks needle at all times so think of you all often. (: