The many uses of Palette

Happy Halloween, everyone!

We had our first ever Halloween costume contest here at Knit Picks, and I think Angela is going to post about that today too so you can see everyone’s costumes. My post is about the versatility of Palette. You may think Palette is just a colorwork yarn, but it is so much more! When I was looking for a costume to wear last night, I pulled out an old bridesmaid’s dress from the back of my closet (the bride didn’t wear white), and I immediately thought of Princess Leia. When confronted with how to make the infamous “cinnamon buns”, I just pulled a couple balls of Palette in Bark out of my stash, and voila!

Everyone here got such a kick out of it that Alison made a how-to video for your viewing pleasure…

Palette isn’t just for hair buns though! Brett was trying out his Henry Rollins costume for later tonight, and we decided that his muscle suit just wasn’t muscley enough in the pectoral region.

See? Anyone who’s familiar with Henry Rollins knows that the guy is ripped, so Palette to the rescue…

Now THOSE are some pecs to be proud of!

I’m sure there are even more uses for yarn in Halloween costumes. Do you have any Halloween yarn stories to share? <