Tempest Time!

Oh man, there’s nothing better than a fully finished project! Blocked and everything! It’s a rare thing at my house so when a project actually makes it through all the steps and winds up actually wearable, it’s time for a little celebration. My Tempest cardigan just became one of those sought-after treasures. Those Stroll Handpainted Lullaby and Stroll Tonal Blue Yonder stripes look unbelievably good, especially after I spent all the time knitting it and trying to figure out if they really were going to “pop” enough together when all was said and done. Phew! I definitely feel a little bit like a proud papa right now.

I even put buttons on! I’m knee deep in a bunch of tiny projects as a sort of “palate cleanser” after this biggish one. I like to spice things up with yarn weight and project length to keep things interesting. Looking forward to breaking out those cardigans for fall? Feeling the holiday present pinch yet? What have you just finished and are a bit of a “proud papa” about?