Taking Stock of the Stash: Knit Picks Organizational Tips

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January is a month for clean sweeps and fresh starts. We compile lists of resolutions that can span from the achievable to the nearly impossible.

As crafters we all know the resolution to organize the craft space can seem more impossible then achievable.  Especially after a year of fawning over new yarn colors, downloading pattern after pattern, testing out new needles and hooks, surrounding ourselves in a plethora of supplies. We at Knit Picks definitely understand your plight and offer some helpful tips to take stock of the stash.

Prioritize  If you buy supplies for specific projects or just-in-case prioritize your needs.

  • Try bins or our cedar boxes to store seasonal yarns you plan to get to later in the year or for different seasonal projects.
  • Stock up on some project bags and prepare your next few projects so you’ll be ready to grab and go. Pin the pattern to outside so you don’t forget what’s inside.
  • Decorative Baskets and Bowls to display your stash. Organization can be pretty too, especially when everything has it’s place. organize cedar boxes baskets bags

Sort  Notions, needles, and hooks have a way of disappearing when you need them most keep try one of these to keep them safe

  • Needle and Hook Cases are great for keeping track of your needles, hooks, cables and more, as are clear mason jars if you like to visual appeal.
  • Organize the notions in canisters and tins. These happy canisters will make sorting your notions a breeze.
  • The Knit Picks Notion Tin is perfect for storing project specific notions and fits in any project bag.


Purge  The dreaded step for any creative endeavor. It is really worth it. Those yarn snippets and WIPs with good intentions need a new home and you need a clear mind.

  • Create donation boxes of supplies for elementary school art classes or community centers.
  • Trade WIPs with friends, maybe they love making those sleeves you have ripped out five times.
  • Try swapping some skeins on Ravelry.

Now get organizing!


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  1. Lindsey / January 17, 2017

    Great ideas! I currently keep all my double-pointed needles in mason jars, and I definitely need to get myself a yarn bowl.