Take Your Child To Work Day

Featuring Guest Blogger Theodore Fish

April 28 was National Take Your Child To Work Day, and we participated here at Knit Picks by inviting my ten year old son Theo to our office for the day. He was very excited to spend the day with us, and we’ve asked him to write about his experience in today’s blog post.

Take your child to work day

Take Your Kid To Work Day

~by Theodore~

This is about my adventure visiting my Mom’s work and office! I got to see all the offices and different jobs that people do there. I got to help out with some of the jobs and did a good job at it. My mom said I was very fast!

First I had to label books. I would look at the number on a sticker and match it up with the number in the routing paper, then put the label on the right book.

Take your child to work day, labeling books
(This is me labeling books)

Then I weighed the books. To do that you need a scale to weigh it. But the scale weighs in oz. (ounces) and the computer program takes in a tenth of a lbs. (pounds). So if a book weighed  4oz, you would divide  4 by 16 to get .25 lbs. and that’s what you would put in the computer.

Take your child to work day, data entry
(This is me at my mom’s desk)

My Mom’s company has 3 divisions. First I went to the Knit Picks division where my mom works as the Administrative Assistant. She does a lot of jobs like routing books and working with the independent designers. Then I went to the painting division called Artist’s Club. I saw my Moms friend from a long time ago who works there. At last I saw the quilting division with cool fabrics and patterns. It’s called Connecting Threads.

Then I went to the Photo Studio where it was really dark and watched them take a photo of a scarf and a sweater with yarn. They took a photo to show what type of yarn to use to make the them. They work with lights and editing to make the yarn look really good in pictures for the catalog and internet.

After that I did an experiment to test yarn fibers. There were different kinds of fiber from animals. The softest was silk and the roughest was camel. Even though it wasn’t really rough just not as soft as the others. I liked silk and cashmere the most. I also had to figure out which yarn weighed the most. Except they were all in a bag labeled 1 oz. (ounce) but there were different amounts in each bag. So I figured out that silk weighed the most because it had less in the bag.

Take your child to work day, yarn experiment
(This is me doing a science experiment)

I also got to do video editing. I picked music and added it to the video using iVideo. We have it at home and my mom said I could make videos at home now.

Take your child to work day, video editing.
(This is me editing video)

My mom asked me what my favorite part of the day was. It was editing video and when I got to make things go on the website. And they made popcorn that was really good.

(edited for spelling and major grammatical errors)


Now, lest you think my son was a perfect angel for Take Your Child to Work Day, let me leave you with this picture, which was taken at the end of the day. This is more like the “everyday” Theo I know and love.

Take your child to work day, crazy face

Also, he thinks the report/blog post he wrote was “required” by his teacher and Knit Picks… so, no one tell him that Mom made him do it, okay?



  1. Mary / May 6, 2016

    my manager brought her 6 year old son–he fell asleep half way home, and slept in the car for another hour…this is why mommy is so tired Liam!!

  2. Tara Coen / May 4, 2016

    Is there a “Bring a Canadian to Work Day?” Just drop me off in the Marketing Department. I’ll even write a blog post.

  3. Tara Coen / May 4, 2016

    Is there a “Bring a Canadian to Work Day?” Just drop me off in the Marketing Department. I’ll even write a job post.

  4. Andrea Walker / May 4, 2016

    It sounds like you learned so much today! Great job Theo love hearing your voice in your writing. It sounds like you maybe a future blogger or website and video producer. You Rock!

  5. Tawny / May 2, 2016

    Smart guy! Good job, Theo!

  6. November Sluder / May 2, 2016

    Very cool Theo! Sounds like you learned a lot and had fun! You are lucky to have such a cool Mom and she is lucky to have such a smart young man like yourself!

  7. Jane in FL / May 2, 2016

    Great Job Theo and am happy you found a love in video editing!

  8. Darlene Mayer / May 2, 2016

    Great job Theo! Grandma and Grandpa are really proud of you!!!

  9. Amy Sherer / May 2, 2016

    Great writing Theo! It sounds like you had a fun day. They really know how to keep busy at Knitpicks!

  10. Amy mayer / May 2, 2016

    Great job Theo. You are such a hard working bit!

  11. Mary Reitan / May 2, 2016

    Wow, Theo! You had a lot of jobs to do. Sounds like you had fun and were a really good employee for the day. I bet they’ll remember you when you are old enough to get a summer job!

  12. Danielle M Kilian / May 2, 2016

    Way to go Theo! Looks like you had a great fun day, and did lots of work! Gregory won’t go to my work, because he says it is way to boring! 🙂