Sweater Class Show and Tell

Knitters in our Sweater Class are doing some wonderful work! I was really excited to see all the progess and resources that were shared over the last week. Many of us are discovering that sweater knitting can be easier than we though, and even those of us who are not ready to knit a sweater have been able to follow along, ask questions, and bookmark the lessons for future reference! Follow the link above to view the whole class archive.

This week, while we’re finishing the body and sleeves of our sweaters, I have some reader-submitttedmaterial to share–some progress pictures, some sweater knitting tools, and some design resources! The first is a progress shot from Linda (poodlechick on Ravelery.) She’s making a brilliant red seweater with a seed-stitch hem and swatched, cast on, and knit through the waist decreases all in one weekend! Linda is using Comfy in Serrano and I love the way this is knitting up!

Next up are progress pictures of the TWO sweaters that Cellogirl is working along with the class. I have to say, she is a knitting overaceiver in the best way! The first is a pullover with cabled sleeves:

It’s looking so cozy and classic in that oatmeal-colored tweed! I bet this one is going to be a winter favorite. And for her second sweater, she’s worked the body sideways, by swapping the row and stitch gauges! This is producing some really cool vertical stripes across the body:

As you can see, she’s about done with the sleeves for this one, too! I love the way it is turning out.

Linda, from Siskiyou Knits, has a lot of experience in sweater design and teaching design classes, and was kind enough to share her list of “Most Valuable Resources.” The first 5 books on the list are basically my 5 favorite knitting books of all time, so I can obviously support Linda’s endorsement wholeheartedly. Great minds, right? And I haven’t read the 6th one but you can bet I will be in the near future! It just went right to the top of my list!

Sweater Design in Plain English by Maggie Righetti

Knitting in the Old Way by Proscilla A. Gibson-Roberts and Deborah Ronson

The Knitter’s Handy Book of Sweater Patterns by Ann Budd

Designing Knitwear by Deborah Newton

Knitting Without Tears: Basic Techniques and Easy to Follow Directions for Garments to fit all Sizes by Elizabeth Zimmerman

Design and Knit the Sweater of your Dreams by J. Marsha Michler




Finally Becky (knittergirl39) is working on a spreadsheet to help with the calulations used in our lessons! I think it’s a greeat idea which could be really useful to those who are spreadsheet literate and math-avere, or simply strapped for time! You can download it here:


and she plans to update it as future lessons come out.

And finally, I wanted to share the Standards and Guidelines for Crochet and Knitting. These are the industry standards that help us size garments, determine yarn weight and gauge, and many other things which I typically advocate doing yourself, but I find it can be helpful to keep on hand as a reference! You can view all of the guidelines here:


Wow! You are all getting some great work done! I’m working up my second sleeve this week, and then getting ready to begin the yoke, which we’ll be covering in the next class! See you next wednesday!