The Summer of Stroll Brights

Wasn’t it a great summer? I fell in love…with Stroll Brights. I haven’t loved a yarn line this much in a long, long time. Now that most of it is sold out, those of us here in the office who loved it are scrounging around, looking for scraps in each other’s stashes to finish our neon projects. I have a few to finish up that I can’t wait to show you! This one, my go-to sweater for all newborns, is made in the colorway Hot Tamale (still available!).


The only modification I make in this pattern is, when using fingering weight yarn, to stay on size 3 needles throughout. It results in the cutest baby cardigan. I’ve given one to so many expectant parents I know and some of them have even been packed in The Hospital Bag (caps intended). Could anything be a bigger compliment?


My favorite thing to do is shop for a little onesie or baby shirt, and then coordinate the color of my handknit to make a complete outfit. I found this little zip-up number, and knew the hippos were perfect for a cardigan in Hot Tamale.


I’ll be giving the outfit to my friend Patrick, for a baby boy he’s expecting this winter. Tell me, do you have a go-to baby knit you’ve made multiple times? What’s your favorite yarn to make it in? There’s nothing like a pattern that’s quick and comes out successfully every single time. Don’t you think?


  1. Kari / September 18, 2014

    Yes, the brights are great. I have a pattern that’s in testing that used two colors of it: Razzleberry and Pickle Juice. (

    It would be awesome to have this back and also offered in Comfy fingering for fantastically bright summer tops.

  2. Jamie J / September 17, 2014

    That’s an adorable outfit!