Summer Color Palette Inspiration

Summer is in full swing here in the Pacific Northwest! The warmer weather and dreamy golden hour light has inspired me to reach for some lighter weight yarns that capture the shimmer of a summer sunset and the comfort of a lazy summer day. I hope these color palettes will inspire you to cast on a new project or even try out a yarn you normally wouldn’t have thought of using!

Sweet Treats

A close up of a strawberry ice cream cone at the beach. Beneath is a color palette that consists of four yarn swatches in pink, lilac, light blue, and white.

There is something about sun-bleached pastels that put me into the summer mood. Dreamy shades of blush, grays, and crisp white remind me of a warm day, meandering on the beach topped off with a cone of your favorite ice cream. When the breeze gets too cool, grab your favorite light weight knits to wrap yourself in. Our luxurious merino and cashmere blend yarn, Capretta, has a touch of Nylon for added strength. Which means this superwash yarn isn’t just the great for snuggles, it can withstand being thrown in your tote bag or knit into a special pair of socks.

Featured colors: Blush 27634, Lilac 27635, Angelite Heather 27642, and White 27633.

Photo via Instagram


A colorful ferris wheel soars into the sky. Beneath is a color palette that consists of five yarn swatches in light blue, gray, dusty green, rust, and dusty rose.

Spontaneous road trips and amusement parks were my favorite part of summer when I was growing up. At first glance, Gloss may seem like an autumn type of yarn. But I think the sumptuous blend of merino and silk and the bold jewel tones of this yarn are fitting for a summer garment. The velvety texture and sheen, elegant drape, and multiple weights make this yarn perfect for year ’round. The lace weight makes gorgeous silky, velvety wraps. Perfect for wrapping yourself in for your next road trip!

Featured colors: Clarity 27704, Robot 24992, Wharf 28588, Harvest 28594, and Velveteen 25592.

Photo via Unsplash

Farmer’s Market Finds

A mouth-watering watermelon cut in half with a spoon inside one half, on a colorful woven blanket at the beach. Beneath is a color palette that consists of five yarn swatches in coral, light pink, golden green, forest green, and periwinkle.

There is nothing better than biting into a perfectly ripe, sweet, and juicy fruit! Perusing my local farmer’s market is one of my favorite summer pastimes. And taking home my bountiful finds and finding that the watermelon I picked is perfect … well that makes for a great day! Touching our lace-weight silk yarn, Luminance will give give you the same feeling. Luminance has amazing depth of color, sheen, and drape which makes it perfect for the finest shawls and flowing scarves. The juicy color palette will make your next cast on a show stopper!

Featured colors: Joy 28576, Innocence 27045, Zen 27054, Serendipity 28582, and Soar 28581.

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Happy Hour

A yummy-looking refreshing beverage in a glass containing ice, mint, blood orange, and lime, topped off with a slice of lemon and two pretty blue paper straws. Beneath is a color palette that consists of five yarn swatches in coral, golden yellow, dark green, sage green, and light blue.

A Summer staple at my house is sitting outside while the sun goes down, watching ships float by on the river, with a cold drink in my hand. My favorite is a kombucha or a greyhound (If I am feeling sassy). Another Summer staple is Lindy Chain, our Linen and Cotton chainette yarn. The linen adds a crisp stitch definition that gets softer with every wash. Knit a breezy top in it, and it will become your new favorite garment!

Featured colors: Conch 26463, Honey 26458, Ivy 26555, Sagebrush 26461, and Bluebell 26460.

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Outdoor Adventures

A beautiful mountain vista at sunset, overlooking a deep blue lake. A hiker sits on a rocky cliff that is covered with shrubs. Beneath is a color palette that consists of six yarn swatches in off-white with multicolored speckles, peachy-pink, warm purple, varigated indigo blue with streaks of lighter blue, bright citron yellow-green, and a variegated dark green with stripes of lighter blue-green.

Living in the PNW during the summer is extra special. There are hikes, river, lakes, and camping all within a short drive. There is something for everyone! Our extra special hand-painted yarn, Hawthorne, is a true reflection of the Great Northwest, and is inspired by this place we are lucky enough to call home. It features a high twist for durability and is made with 20% nylon which makes it an exceptional choice for socks. With speckled, multi-colored hand painted hues, kettle, and tonal dye variations, there really is something for everyone!

Featured colors: Surprise Speckle 28615, Daphne Kettle 28625, Ashland Tonal, Northstar Kettle 26822, Cattail Kettle 28602, and Mt. Tabor 26444.

Photo via Unsplash

I hope these summer color palettes inspire you to grab a yarn you might not have first chose to start an adventurous summer project. Stay tuned for more inspiration on our blog, Instagram and Facebook.


  1. Sarah Turnbull / August 25, 2020

    This type of post is very helpful to me. I have a suggestion: it would be so great to have suggestions for alternate colourways for Knit Picks designs and kits. For example, the Beachcomber Shawl. The suggested colourway is very pretty, but if coral isn’t your colour, it’s hard to choose another option (no colourcard for CotLin).

  2. katie mcdougall / July 17, 2020

    Thank you very much for your thoughts here! You have definitely captured my summer spirit in these different palettes. I look forward to the kp blog posts for so many reasons – inspiration like this being only one. I hope your profits are through the roof during this season of knitting renaissance. Thank you for your continued faithfulness to the knitting community. Love to the team!