Stuff We Love: Soak Wash Flatter Spray

Did you see that select tools are up to 40% off for a limited time? It’s a great way to stock up on some important items that can help take your projects to the finish line. I’m always amazed at how a little tool (like a row counter, for $1.99!) can make a knitting project go so much faster. There’s so many items that you never think you need until you have them, and can’t wait to use them again and again. One item I use constantly is the Soak Flatter Spray.

soak wash flatter

I have a confession – I’m an uncommitted blocker. Born of a combination of wanting to wear my knitted items immediately and some bad experiences (ie. blocking cables into a oversized, drapey mess), my favorite method used to be to give handmade items a light steam upon completion and call them done.

Soak products, however, have changed all that. Maybe it’s their incredible scents (they also come in unscented) or maybe it’s the luxury I feel in dunking or misting them in Soak, or maybe it’s the way they actually make my stitches relax, plump, and drape just right. Whatever the case, I won’t be making many items that I don’t finish off with one of my favorite items – Soak Flatter Spray – now at a significant savings!

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