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pompom maker

I have to admit, I have an unnatural appreciation for a good pom-pom…well, obsession might be the more appropriate description! There is nothing quite as satisfying as topping off a newly finished knit hat with a big, chunky pom-pom. In  my world, there isn’t a pom-pom that is too big or too fluffy!


I used to craft pom-poms by hand using an array of make-shift techniques, so you can imagine my pure joy and delight when I first got my hands on the Clover Pom-pom makers. Not only do these amazingly simple tools work beautifully, but they ensure that you’ll get a perfect pom-pom every time.

Plus – all three sets are on sale for 40% off! Get the Small Set – which includes two sizes that make pom-poms that are 1-3/8″ (35 mm) and 1-5/8″ (45 mm) in diameter. If you’re looking for something with a bit more oomph, you can try the Large Set – that also includes two sizes which make pom-poms that are 2-1/2″ (65 mm) and 3-3/8″ (85 mm) in diameter. If you’re like me and bigger is definitely better when it comes to pom-poms, you can’t go wrong with the Jumbo size – you’ll be able to craft pom-poms that are 4-1/2″ (115 mm) in diameter. AMAZING!

Don’t forget to check out what other amazing accessories we have as part of our Tool Sale, where you can find a new tool or an old favorite, at up to 40% off.

You can find the pom-pom makers and the tool sale here:

Pom-pom maker, Small
Pom-pom maker, Large
Pom-pom maker, Jumbo
Tool Sale!

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  1. Jamie J / May 20, 2015

    These have definitely changed my pompom making life. I love mine!