Stocking Stuffer ‘Stravaganza

I don’t know about you, but I love a good stocking. They were a pretty big deal in my family when I was young and I’ve tried to carry on the tradition of presenting them ridiculously overflowing. Sometimes putting together a truly good stocking is almost more work than all of your other gift shopping combined, so we thought you might want some stocking stuffer inspiration.

Fiber Flair

Stocking Stuffers - gifts for knitters and crafters, Knit Picks exclusive enamel pins

First, we’ll go for the cute fix with our Fiber Flair. Enamel pins are all over creation lately, and they frequently fall into the A+ gift game category of things-you-really-like-but-would-never-buy-for-yourself. If your knitters are of the sincere and heartfelt variety, we have the lovely message pins: Handmade is Love and Happiness is Handmade. For the snarkier crowd, you might consider more of a knitter’s-only inside joke, like the Coffee. Knit. Sleep. Repeat. or Feelin’ Superfine. And our coterie of crafty critters is sure to please the most curmudgeonly of spinsters (literal spinsters, I mean, with spindles): Knitting Sheep, Scarf Alpaca, Yarn Kitty, and, most fabulous of them all, Sparkles the Knitting Unicorn.

Stocking Stuffers - gifts for knitters and crafters, Knit Picks exclusive enamel keychains

If you want to go with something more practical, but just as endearing, you can always go for a handy key chain. Choose from the Yarn Kitty, Sparkles, or Happiness is Handmade and you can even give a set with the matching pin. Even consider going for a non-traditional approach and using one of our project bags AS a stocking. (Bonus points if you include the matching pin with a Handmade is Love, Coffee. Knit. Sleep. Repeat., or Sparkles bag.)


Perhaps you’re the practical type that’s more interested in knowing that your gifts are useful and make their recipients’ lives easier. Cable Needles are one of those things that many knitters don’t want to admit they need, but are grateful nonetheless to have (get them in Caspian, Majestic, or Rainbow). The Emergency Fix Keychain is the ultimate inexpensive and impressively useful doodad, perfect for picking up dropped stitches, doing provisional crochet cast-ons, and generally being the kind of tool that you never knew you needed until you have one. And it’s also hard to have too many stitch markers (personally, it’s because I keep losing them. . .), and every knitter would appreciate more, whether metal, flexible, or locking.

And scissors! I’ve developed a bad habit of just pulling my yarn apart when I need to break it, which gives you unraveling, feathery ends that don’t weave in very nicely, and usually end up digging up some scissors to get a crisp end anyway. Help your knitting friends avoid that with the lovely and safety-friendly Yarn Cutter, a nice addition to any notions bag. You can also let them try our stylish new Susan Scissors, available in Red, Black, and Silver, or tickle your animal-loving knitter friend with Owl or Cat snips.

Frequently Overlooked Inexpensive Usefulness. . .es

You know what is small, inexpensive, and ever knitter always needs more of? Cables. You can’t go wrong with classic black, or stylish green. I prefer 40″ in general, but some people like the short mid-range 32″. Don’t forget the IC tips! Even if your knitter owns a full IC set, consider giving them another color to try (Sunstruck, Rainbow, Caspian, or Majestic), or some Nickel Plated to experiment with. The extended sizes that don’t come in our standard IC set, US 10.75, 13, 15, 17, are also something that many knitters don’t often have and might inspire some ideas or save them the frustration of not having these unusual sizes when that inspiration strikes. And having multiple sets of the most common sizes (4 for lighter weights, 6 for worsted, 9 for bulky) is a godsend when you need them. I have three pairs of size 6’s and I’m still constantly having to swap them out for random tasks.

If you know a knitter that doesn’t have a full interchangeable set already, they definitely need to try them and our Try It Sets are an easy way to introduce someone to the amazing convenience of our Options system. You can get them in Rainbow, Caspian, and Majestic, and they can try both wood and Nickel Plated needles together.

Yarn care products are something that many of us overlook in favor of snazzier goodies, but make for the kind of thoughtful gift that will only be more and more appreciated as time goes on. The Knit Picks Gleener might take up the bulk of a stocking, but it’s something any knitter will use for years. Though not quite as comprehensive, the Save our Sweaters Brush is a more stocking- and budget-friendly option. A few cedar blocks will not only be useful for years, but will also make any stocking smell lovely (also butterfly-shapes!). And don’t forget the wool wash! Soak comes in a stocking-ready Travel Pack, Kookaburra comes in a 2 oz size (we like the delicate version too), and an assortment of Eucalan (my personal favorite) single packs gives the opportunity to find a favorite scent.

Hopefully that will give you plenty to add crafty spice to your stockings. Unfortunately, we don’t sell any of the delicious candy you’ll almost certainly be including. If you need any more ideas for inexpensive fibery stocking gifts, check out the section of our Holiday Store for Gifts under $10.