Starflower Dishcloth

Are you enjoying our 52 Weeks of Dishcloths?  We’re all having so much fun coming up with these new patterns!  We’re up to week 9 – and you can find all of them so far right here:

52 Weeks of Dishcloth patterns

Pattern number 9 is the very cute Starflower Dishcloth by Kerin!

I love having fun shapes to my kitchen dishcloth collection, so Starflower is perfect.  For this pattern, you start in the center and work garter stitch and increases in the round until it’s big enough!  Then you work the lovely little border all around.  Fun & quick!


I can’t wait to see all the variations of this pattern – personally I’m excited to see daisy ones (Dishie Swan and Coffee) or black-eyed susans (Dishie Creme Brulee and Coffee).

Find the pattern here:

Starflower Dishcloth


  1. Margaret / March 11, 2014

    The updated pattern instructions have been posted! Thank you for making the corrections. For a somewhat beginner knitter it is a great help and I just tried the edging and the updated pattern works just fine.

  2. Christina / March 9, 2014

    It looks like the odd rows are WS and should be numbered on the left while the even rows are RS and should be numbered on the right. Any chance someone could fix the row numbering on the chart? Thanks!

  3. Mary / March 6, 2014

    After four tries, I’m still confused by the edging instructions “turn the work and cast on four . . .” There are finished projects on Ravelry that also had problems with the pattern, but did not clearly explain how to do it correctly.

  4. Jane M Ross / March 3, 2014


  5. Kathy / March 3, 2014

    Could be a sunflower or a sun, too!

    • Dana Kline / March 4, 2014

      I love this dishcloth, but I am really flummoxed by the border. It looks so simple and easy, but I am struggling to get it started – “turn the work and cast on four, then work the pattern” what am I doing wrong? The schematic just doesn’t make sense to me. Can anyone clarify?

  6. Michelle McMillen / February 27, 2014

    CUTE!!! This one actually makes me want to break out some cotton yarn and knit a dishcloth – and that’s saying something!