Staff Favorites: Exclusive Tools

Not to toot our own horn, buuuutttt, we are kinda in love with our exclusively made, in-house designed tools. We are constantly striving to create things that not only look cool, but that make our knitting/crocheting/crafting pursuits easier, and thus WAY more enjoyable. Have you ever cried over a tangled hank of yarn, or spent hours searching for a particular set of needle tips? We have, too. Do you prefer your storage and notions to be adorned with cute critters? We do, too. If you’re curious to know what our favorite KP tools are, then by all means, read on!

Hannah – Brand Director I have always struggled to properly organize my HUGE needle stash and was absolutely delighted when we designed the new Options Needle Binder. The removable pages mean I can store cables, Interchangeable tips, DPNs and all my small notions in one place. I love that I can also order more pages so that every single needle and notion can be corralled neatly into one handy case!

Knit Picks large metallic stitch markers with storage tin.

Hillary – Catalog Director I love our Large Metallic Stitch Markers. I knit mostly bulky weight yarn and I haven’t found a convenient set of stitch markers for larger needles. I usually would resort to using a hair tie or keychain instead. But not anymore! I love that the large stitch markers can be stored in the tin and thrown in my project bag to be ready whenever I need them.

Knit Picks Crafty Kitty Pile Project Bag

Erica –Marketing Coordinator I love our project bags. My favorite is the the Kitty Pile Project Bag, because it combines two of my loves: yarn and cats! I have several project bags at this point, and I use them to keep all my WIPs organized. Having each of my WIPs separated and organized also makes it easy to grab a particular project that I want to work on and go!

Knit Picks yarn swift and ball winder.

Morgan –Graphic Designer/Digital I was so excited when I finally got my hands on a swift and ballwinder. This dream team not only makes winding yarn quick, but also way more fun. I was winding by hand before, and always ended up frustrated and battling with tangles by the end of it. Now I’m winding up yarn in record time, and less time winding means more time knitting!

Knit Picks enamel sheep stitch markers.

Stacey –Outreach Director I adore our Sheep Stitch Markers! They are so adorable and just make me smile every time I look at my needles. Plus, the little black sheep is perfect marking my start of rounds, while the white sheep frolic around, marking my pattern repeats. I’ll never lose my place again.

And there you have it! All these tools (and many more!) are on sale through 7/1. Which one will be your new favorite crafty tool?