Spindling my yarns

Our Knit Picks Drop Spindle is an affordable introduction to drop spindling. Notice how I didn’t say, ‘introduction to spinning’. Thanks to Abby Franquemont’s book, Respect the Spindle, drop spindling is no longer considered to be a ‘training exercise’ or ‘a first step towards real spinning on a spinning wheel’. More about spinning wheels later. 

After you become comfortable spinning yarn with your first drop spindle, you will want to collect more spindles. Abby explains that there are practical, as well as esthetic, reasons for expanding your spindle collection. Between the two, I can justify nearly any spindle purchase.

Practical reasons usually involve your wanting to spin different weights of yarns. My Golding is perfect for DK/Worsted weight yarn. But, if I want to spin anything lighter, I definitely need to use a smaller spindle.

Meet my newest acquisition from Jeri Brock of Jeri Brock Woodworks. It is gorgeous! I ‘met’ Jeri on Ravelry and asked her about her spindles. At the time, she was very busy getting ready to sell her spindles at Rhinebeck. Jeri sold every single spindle over the weekend! That turned out to be to my benefit because I was able to talk to her about I like in wooden items. I like a lot of drama and interesting wood grain. Jeri had just bought a piece of Cocobol. When she cut into it, she discovered stunning sections of orange tones. I was all over that! I also wanted her to cut the arms with her scroll design.

Here is a photo with my Kindle as size reference. I can’t remember the exact weight of my Golding, Celtic Sheep spindle but it is probably close to 1.5 ounces with a 2 3/4″ whorl and it is almost 9″ tall. The Turkish spindle from Jeri weighs 1 ounce with a diameter of 3 3/4″ and is 6″ in length. What do I plan to spin with my little spindle?

My stunning, Vancouver colorway batt from our Hanks in the Hood Collection. I have absolutely no idea what I will knit with the yarn. This spindle is a bit like dessert. Something sweet and decadent.

The yarn from my Golding is more like a gourmet main course. Delicious and filling. It is necessary but it can still be very enjoyable. There is a purpose for that yarn – my Leftover’s Vest.  What about spinning yarn with a spinning wheel? Well, tomorrow we can talk about the spinning wheels you can now buy straight from Knit Picks!