Speed Knitting contest update #2- techniques and tutorials

First off, I’ve consulted with our judges and since our warehouse has been incredibly overwhelmed recently, and your packages have been taking a few extra days to go out (even though all the staff at the warehouse are putting in extra hours right now!), we’re going to delay the start date to make sure everyone who ordered the first week of January has time to get their yarn. The speed knitting contest will begin sometime during the first week of February. So if your yarn hasn’t arrived yet, don’t fret!

Secondly, our judges have decided that you will be allowed to knit the pattern on sizes 9″, 10″, 10.5″, and 11″ needles, depending on your gauge. If you have ordered size 10’s, you should be a-ok. Since it’s a home decor project, gauge isn’t as important as if it was a garment, but we wanted to allow a little more wiggle room so your finished project will look its best.

And finally, I’m posting a list of techniques you might want to brush up on before the contest begins.
Kelley was kind enough to make this new video for you about a circular cast on. For those of you who haven’t tried this before, you might want to give it a go before the contest starts. The cast on is the trickiest part of the pattern. We consider this pattern an advanced beginner pattern.

Yarn Over tutorial

SSK tutorial

k2tog tutorial

You may also find this PDF with a list of increases and decreases helpful.

I’ve said enough. Stay posted. <