Sophia Spa Cloth

Designing this spa cloth was definitely one of those times where the yarn tells you what it wants to become. I had been swatching away with different stitch patterns and nothing was quite right for this delicate and pale shade of lilac. Finally, I stumbled on a simple v-stitch pattern that used the half double crochet and I knew that this was the perfect pattern to pair with such a sophisticated shade.

I used Shine Sport in Wisteria and the yarn lends a very subtle and elegant sheen to the texture of the pattern. I knew it was was too fancy for a dish cloth, so I decided to call this particular design a spa cloth instead! I can imagine working a set of these up in coordinating colors as a special gift.

The pattern itself is quite easy and uses a combination of chain stitches with half double crochet. After you get the pattern started, you just repeat the same row over and over again. The combination of repetition and simple stitches make this a great pattern for beginning crocheters looking to expand their skills.

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Sophia Spa Cloth

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