Sometimes I just want to use DPNs

Just like nearly every knitter I know, I was thrilled when inventive knitters began to find ingenious ways to use the flexibility of circular needles to use instead of double pointed needles (DPNs).

For a while, I used only two circular needles or one long circular needle (Magic Loop Method) whenever I knit something with a small circumference – socks, mittens or hats. Now I’ve gotten so that I choose between my options depending on what I’m knitting. 

As you know, I just finished my Tic Tac Toe Socks. I always overcompensate when it comes to making sure I won’t run out of yarn for a project. I ran out of yarn when I was first learning how to knit. On a Pi Shawl, no less. I was traumatized! Now I always end up with leftover yarn. I had a skein and most of a ball of Gloss to use for “something”.

I looked around on Ravelry and found Susie’s Reading Mitts. Yes!

The best part was that I had a 6″ DPN Set easily accessable in my DPN needle stash. My stash has several groups of #0 DPNs for my sock knitting. But, having a set with a variety of sizes is very handy. I was able to grab the #3 needles from my set, sit down on the sofa, turn on some recorded episodes of Masterpiece theatre and start my mitts without any delay.

I think our DPN sets are absolutely wonderful! Three different lengths to manage large socks (6″), medium socks (5″) and even the little fingers of mittens and gloves (4″). That’s why I have a couple of each of the sets in my stash. I give them as gifts to sock knitting friends. And, I recommend to new knitters.

Of course, I’ve learned that I need to work with #0s when I knit socks. That’s why I have lots of individual DPNs in that size so I’m never “restrained” from starting as many socks as I want. Well, within a certain amount of reason. 🙂

If you love knitting with DPNs or if you’ve never used them before and want to give them a try, now is a great time to buy a set. All of our DPNs are 25% off for one week only! Shop open stock or sets by 12/15 to get a great deal.