It seems this week around the office, everyone is talking about socks!

(well, maybe it’s just me.)

For one thing, this week we finally got to share our beautiful new colors of sock yarn!


We’ve been very excited about all of these – we’ve had a lot of requests for more neutral versions of our Stroll Tonals & I’m so in love with Pearlescent

In addition to socks, I think this a gorgeous color for lightweight sweater (I’ve been particularly in love with Sara Peterson’s Jane Pullover, which uses several differnt Tonals)

I’m also so happy that we got one of my favorite Gloss DK colors in the fingering weight!

Honey!  I think I’ve been drawn to more yellows lately because of the grey rainy spring we’ve had up here in the Pacific Northwest.

In fact, I made my last pair of socks to reflect my desire for some brighter weather!

Sunny Day in Felici Sport – just a plain ol’ top down stockinette pair of socks.  I make these a lot and they are perfect for working on them whenever I have a little time – meetings, movies, waiting in line, etc.

Another reason we are talking about socks this week – we are all very excited for the second annual Sock Summit!  I had such a great time at the last one – I took my very first knitting classes ever there, and I got to meet a lot of friends I had been corresponding with.  Not to mention the pretty yarns everywhere!  This week was the registration for Sock Summit 2011 and luckily, we all got the classes we wanted. I’m sure Jenny, Kerin, Kim and I were all very amusing to our coworkers – we all registered for our classes at the same time and kept calling over to each other: “the page came up!” “I’m still waiting” “I got in!”  “YAH!”.  I’m very excited for the classes I’m taking – 2 are from IDP designers (Carrie Sullivan and Star Athena) whom I’ve loved even before working here, plus I’m taking one from Franklin Habit and the lovely Amy Singer.  I can’t wait!

Are you a sock knitter?  Are you attending Sock Summit?  Let us know!