Sock Labs: Halloween Edition

“Everyday is Halloween, isn’t it?”

Tim Burton

Knit Pivkd Sock Labs Hawthorne Speckles

Warning! We went a little “mad scientist” in the sock lab this month. We blame all the chocolate covered treats and pumpkin flavored everything we are surrounded by on a daily basis. The results of our experimentation? A veritable monster mash-up of bold hues and stark black speckles that scream “It’s alive (with color)!’

Patterns that are begging to be knit in spooky speckles (we dare ya!)

Flyspeck Lace Shawl

Betula Scarf

Ilana Wrap

Collina Socks

Last but certainly not least, perhaps the Ultimate Halloween Fade Shawl is in order?

Knit Picks Sock Lab Hawthorne Speckles

Let us see what crazy creations you come up with featuring our sock lab colors! Share your projects with us on Instagram with #socklabs (don’t forget to tag us @knit_picks) and on our Facebook page!

Hurry though! Don’t miss your chance to boo-tify your stash with these limited edition colors while you can before they ghost out of here!