All Treats, No Tricks – 15% Off Sitewide

At a sitewide sale you’re like a kid in a candy store, and all the candy is on sale! Starting today, you get 15% off everything at through Monday, October 29th. Sure, you can go with the obvious choices, finalizing the orders that have been waiting in your shopping cart for weeks or finally going for that coveted pattern kit. Let’s explore some of the splurge-worthy options that will get you the most out this uncommon opportunity.

Luxury Yarns and Bundles

Personally, my yarn tastes tend to run to extremes. I’m either using the most basic yarns, like Wool of the Andes, or going all out with the nicest stuff I can find. Being a lace knitter, I’m constantly smitten with Luminance. No matter how often I use it, I’m always surprised at just how soft it is, how vibrant the colors are, and how gorgeous it looks in lace. Even at Knit Picks’ value pricing, 100% silk is hardly inexpensive, and this sale takes a bit of the edge off that particular bite, particularly if you’re interested in the Hand Painted Luminance, which is worth every penny for the right project.

With Knit Picks more astoundingly low-priced yarns, some of our luxury yarns can get overlooked, even though they are not only gorgeous, but also can be even more competitively priced than more quotidian choices. Diadem combines two luxury fibers, silk and baby alpaca, for a yarn that looks as amazing as it feels, with comparable yarns running at least half again as much. Keep in mind that it comes in a 100g hank! With the Capretta Superwash upgrade to a washable yarn, Knit Picks now has a proper MCN, which seem to be everywhere these days. A bit more expensive than the ridiculously affordable Stroll, the new Capretta is still a fantastic deal when compared with other Merino/Cashmere/Nylon sock yarns, and you can try out the new palette of rich and subtle heathers even more easily during this sale.

Even for staple yarns, the sitewide sale lets you double up on deals with our already discounted yarn packs. If you’re as enamored with Luminance as I am, you can get almost as much as you could ever want with the Complete Luminance Pack (or try the seperate Solid and Hand Painted packs if you want to exercise a little restraint). And you’re not likely to find a better opportunity for getting all 150 colors of Palette or 100 colors of Wool of the Andes at once.

Since you’ll have plenty of stash to bust, throw in a copy of our new Cute & Cozy Stashbusters. You can make a number of those patterns as is, or use your new bonanza of yarn to dream up a personalized palette.

Premium Tools

If you’ve had your eye on an Onyx Yarn Swift, this is a perfect time to pick one up. Our regular Birch swifts are great; I have one for myself at home, which works wonderfully, and they’re a steal at 15% off as well. The Onyx swifts are something special though. First, they are gorgeous in person, enough so that you’ll want to stake a place to make them a permanent decoration rather than just something to dig out whenever you need to wind yarn. And the extra finish that the black coating requires makes it spin just that little bit smoother, and also quieter. We’ve taken to using them around the office to avoid the dreaded winding squeak. At 15% off, you’re getting a premium product at a great price.

If you want to truly upgrade your winding experience, this is a great time to get the Premium Winding Station. Whether you want the Birch or the Onyx, you can weigh, measure, and wind *exactly* the yarn that you need for any project you could want. Particularly useful for those stash projects!

Little Luxuries

Often it’s the smaller indulgences that ironically make the biggest impact, and it’s even easier to opt in on those smaller luxuries when everything is on sale (have I mentioned that everything is on sale?).

While our new basic stitch markers, both colorful and minimalist, are both inexpensive and effective, there’s something about decorative stitch markers that makes the extra expense so worth it. Whether it’s Sparkles the Knitting Unicorn, Alpaca Andie, Shep the Sheep, or the Yarn Ball Kitty, our new enameled markers are sure to bring a smile to your face and a small glow of joy to your heart every time you need to mark a stitch.

If shawls are a sort of knitter shibboleth, proudly broadcasting your membership in the fiber fan club, then shawl pins signify your elite status as a veteran shawl wearer. While a good shawl will be shaped and sized to allow for any number of pin-free permutations, a pin will unlock such a world of hassle-free stylings that you will wonder how you ever did without it. While your pin choices run to something as uncomplicated as a simply carved stick, there is a rare delight in finding the pin that perfectly compliments your style, and an even easier call to make at 15% off.

Regardless of whether you are hoping to splurge on one large purchase or finally going for the running list of yarn and trinkets that you’ve been compiling for months, you’ll want to take advantage of this sale. With 15% off anything, you can buy exactly what you want without having to sift through pages of individual sale items looking for that one thing that you’re actually interested. Just be sure to put your order in by Monday, October 29th!