Small Joys: Crafting Books with Peculiar Titles

As one of our resident copywriters, I get first peek at all of the varied and wonderful books available on the website. Often times, simply because of workflow and logistics, I see the book’s title far before I see any related images, patterns or other content; that means that I am often unable to immediately “judge a book by its cover”—allowing hilarity to ensue!

In honor of our super 40% off book sale,
I thought I’d share a few of my favorite oddball, double-take,
laughter-gifting titles. I apologize in advance. I cannot guarantee that
you have the same sense of humor as I do.

Okay all, here we go:










Unexpected Afghans, by Robyn Chachula

O, boy. I am an ocean of connotations here – there are so many unexpected things I see the housewares doing! A rude blanket showing up at your house without calling first.  A group of blankets huddled in a dark living room for a surprise party. A blanket police officer pulling you over because you were doing 70 in a 60mph zone.

Strange fantasy world aside, this is such a genuinely great crochet book. To use a word I employ sparingly, these afghan designs are exuberant, and they were dreamed up by a neat array of people you may recognize—Linda Permann, Kristen Omdahl and Drew Emborsky, to name a few. The color choice here definitely skews more towards candy hues, but you could easily swap lime greens for gray tones and still have some incredibly striking and (why, yes) unexpected motifs.











Clangers, by Peter Firmin

When this book showed up, I asked one of my co-workers to repeat the title slowly, several times. “Wait, seriously…it’s just CLANG-RRRS?”, I asked. Yep, just “Clangers”.

Foolish, foolish me (as usual). “Clangers” is a brilliant British children’s television show from the late 60’s that features adorable, nutty, pink anteater-esque beings. Isn’t that cute and ultra-niche? After my initial confusion, this book sent me down a Youtube rabbit hole with every scrap of “Clangers” content I could get my paws on. On a personal note, I’m a woman who has driven herself near-mad by overconsumption of tomato bisque, so the character of Soup Dragon hits very, very close to home. Knit the Soup Dragon first! Soup Dragon for President!











Every single book with a pun in the title. Every single one.

I work at Knit Picks, what do you expect of me? Puns add life to my world and beauty to my heart; that includes you, “Heart Felt Knits”, “Twas the Knits Before Christmas”, “Knitwit”, “Stitchionary”, “All You Knit is Love” and (perhaps most of all) “Cowl Girls:  The Neck’s Big Thing to Knit”. There were two puns in that last title. Swoonin’ time.

I was toying with the idea of making this part of a personal “Small Joys” series (“Small Joys 2:  Take All the Beige Yarn”), but decided I won’t inflict that upon The Internet. Feel very free to leave your favorite crafting-related puns in the comments section—please, I ingest them and need them to survive.