Slow progress is still progress.

With the swatches for my dad’s sweater blocked and measured, I was finally able to get to the math of the pattern! I sketched out what I wanted it to look like, and got to work on measurements.

Casting on after so long was a relief. I feel like I’m actually working towards keeping that promise now! And with an impending trip to see my dad, I’ve got the motivation of a deadline to spur me on.

I haven’t done much yet. Just past the sleeve cuffs and into the rhythm of cables and increases. But it’s progress – and now that I’m past the 1×1 ribbing (beautiful, but not as fast as I’d like!), the sleeves are whizzing right along. I’m working both at once, since the only thing different between them is the direction of the cable crossing. So, it’s just like working socks two at once!

I’m hoping that this weekend gives me a good opportunity to fly through the knitting. I need to – I’ve got too much on my plate already, what with this sweater, socks for my husband, and a little army of crocheted flowers that are springing up all over.

But to top it off, I just picked up a sweater’s worth of Full Circle worsted in Tomatillo – the most lively green – and I want to make a sweater for me now! Ugh. I’m usually really faithful to one project at a time, but now I’m torn. Well, the only one with a deadline is my dad’s sweater – so, onward!