Sheldon+Facebook+Angela= 2gether 4ever

Okay, I know I just blogged yesterday, but I am so excited about Sheldon and our new Facebook page, I just can’t stop myself. It’s been tough keeping him a secret for so long!

This little turtle stole my heart the first time I saw him on Knitty, so when Ruth Homrighaus and Brooke Higgins agreed to partner with us to create new outfits for Sheldon exclusively for Knit Picks, I was practically giddy with excitement. Every morning I’d come into the office hoping I had an update on Sheldon and maybe a photo or two of his shells-in-progress in my inbox.

The final patterns are so SO cute. Brooke designed what we’re calling the “career shells” (Is beach bum really a career? Sign me up!), and I’m floored by her talent and creativity. Katie and I had so much fun posing him for his candid photos last week!

I haven’t actually knit a Sheldon of my own yet, I’m not sure my skill level is quite up to the challenge, but maybe I’ll get the courage to join the knitalong and give it a shot. You’d all give me lots of tips and encouragement, right?

We’ve also been looking for an excuse to launch our new Knit Picks Facebook page, and Sheldon seemed like the perfect reason. Who wouldn’t want to be a fan of a little knit turtle with so much charm and personality? Of course, the Facebook page isn’t ALL about Sheldon. It also has videos, a photo gallery of staff’s finished projects, and best of all, we’re going to send updates to our Facebook fans every time we upload a new free pattern. Perhaps there will even be a couple more Sheldon related updates in the upcoming months (Hint, hint.) Okay, that’s it for my plug for the Facebook page today. If that doesn’t convince you to join our fan page, I don’t know what will.

Sheldon is off in Ireland with Kelley this week. Then he has a trip to Carmel planned for later this summer. He managed to squeeze in a hike at Multnomah Falls with me and Miriam last week. He really is quite a guy. Sigh.