Sand and Sea Shawlette

I was skimming through the bookshelf here at work last week when I spotted Coastal Knits by Alana Dakos & Hannah Fettig. I love the photography in this book, not to mention the lovely patterns! I was especially struck by the Sand and Sea Shawlette. It’s the perfect size and height to be either a comfortable fall scarf or worn as a small shawl.

I had a skein of Shimmer in Buttercream (a colorway I’ve been in love with
since we opened the first shipment here at the offices) so I
immediately cast on and started industriously knitting away. I didn’t
even think about the edging until I realized that I’d finished the lace
weight portion and needed to come up with a fingering weight yarn, pronto!

Buttercream has a surprising and very subtle pink tone to it once it’s
knit up that I wanted to mute even further. I knew I wanted to use Gloss Fingering
for the border (I think silk blends go so nicely with other silk
blends), but which color to pick!? I grabbed a skein of Timber, Hawk and
Sea Spray to lay next to what I’d already knit. I thought Timber would
be lovely but it was a little bit too dark for the mood I was in with
the sun shining outside, and Hawk wound up bringing out the pink tones
even more! I went with Sea Spray and am glad that I did. It cooled the
whole project down and gave it a nice, light, cheerful tone. I bet Robot
would have the same effect. 

This might just be my last (mostly) lace weight project of the warm season. I can feel my knitting needles start itching to tackle a sweater or blanket. Do your knitting needles start seeking out warmer, heavier projects about this time of year?