Rosewood Needles and other new stuff!

I absolutely LOVE rosewood needles – I’ve had various pairs over the years and they’re always the ones I reach for first for projects.  They just feel so nice in my hand – slick, light, but sturdy.  So I’ve been begging for us to release a set since I started here…and my dreams have now come true!


Sigh…such lovely needles.  As much as I love our other wood needles (yes, I do own a set of each), Rosewood is now my absolute favorite. They are just so smooth and solid but lightweight and feel so comfortable to knit with.  Not to mention how beautiful they are!  We have them in both 10″ straights and in our interchangeable needles sets.


And best of all, they come in a gorgeous package!


Sized to fit on a bookshelf, this lovely package is perfect for gift giving – or simply for displaying in your own home!  And it comes with a window on the front so you can drool over your Rosewood Needles at any time.



Oh but be aware – these are only for a limited time!  So make sure you get your orders in before they all go away!

If that’s not enough, we have so much other new stuff this month!

New Stroll Tonal Colors!

New Stroll Hand Painted Colors

New Reverie Colors!

New IDP Collection – Northwoods!

New KP Collection – Tucked In!

New Tool Sets!

And a Swift Sale!


  1. Emily / October 30, 2014

    I agree with Theresa! I would love to see them as individual needles!

  2. theresa calter / October 28, 2014

    was so excited to see Rosewood but then bummed to see that they are only in sets–for feedback purposes only–I have a KP set and am always looking at adding individual sizes of needles that I use a lot (like #8 and #10 and #5 always seem to be busy with a project when I want to start another project)…the price point for what they are I think is fair but just not in my budget since I don’t NEED another set.