Recent Collection and Pattern Claims and Communications

We recently released a collection and have received several communications and are aware of the Instagram posts regarding the similarities of two of our designs in our newest collection, Vertex, and designs that have been previously published.

Often, inspiration strikes in similar ways. And, any resemblance between the two projects was unintentional and entirely coincidental. Knit Picks does not knowingly copy an indie designer’s original work.

Our collection development begins a year in advance of our publication dates. Additionally, when we accept designs for our collections, we do research in an attempt to make sure designs do not look exactly like another design already published.

At the time of the commission of the designs in question, we were not aware of any similar designs and have only become aware of these similarities after the collection was published on March 25, 2021.

Our commissioned designers (indie designers in their own right) created these designs in good faith and are reliable partners with whom we regularly work with to create designs for Knit Picks collections.

In the instance of the Blocked Pullover, this design was commissioned in June 2020, before the publication of the similar indie pattern.

In the instance of the Redona Tee, this pattern was originally designed in 2017 and subsequently included in our most recent collection, Vertex.

We are dedicated to supporting the knitting community and indie designers and will continue to work to ensure that patterns in our collections are not knowingly copies of other work.