Ravelry friend visits Portland

I met Judy, TassieKnitter, when I joined Ravelry. We spent many months happily chatting about our knitting and spinning projects before she mentioned that she would be visiting America in the summer. And, in my area, no less!!!

Between Judy’s touring touring around with her friends and my schedule, it took us awhile to get together. But, yesterday afternoon we met at Nordstrom’s downtown. Xena was very pleased to meet a new friend! Judy had already hit a few places I would have recommended – Powell’s books, Dublin Irish shop and Knit Purl.

Since Judy had already been running around all morning, I decided a quick trip to the little Elephants Deli next door to Nordstrom was in order. She grabbed her first Brownie in America and I had an oatmeal/chocolate chip cookie. Some Dry Lavender soda finished off our sugar fix. Judy had brought me a very interesting gift package. First, some handspun Alpaca from her neighbor’s Alpaca farm. Also, an apron from the same friend who is originally from Korea. Her family in Korea hand stitches the design onto the aprons. Each apron is individual!

I think I am going to use the lovely alpaca for fingerless mittens to wear in the office next winter. I’ve been wanting to make a pair but just couldn’t get around to it. This yarn is just so soft and inviting I won’t be able to resist getting it knit up quickly.

I absolutely loved her sassy response to possible “No Knitting Needles” issues on airplanes. Brightly colored pencils with large funny erasers. She showed me her pair. She sharpened them and then painted over the points with fingernail polish! Absolutely brilliant! I may just take them along in case I have some problems. If nothing else, they may serve as a demonstration of the insanity of treating knitting needles as weapons.

Refreshed, we wandered down towards the river in hopes of finding Stumptown Coffee – a local coffee roasters. It turns out the Judy’s son works at a coffee roasting company back home. I had a twinge of jealousy at all he is learning.

But, I got a bit confused and realized we had walked right past it and gotten onto the Pearl District. I wanted Judy to see this part of downtown anyway because it has become the new trendy area in Portland. Can you believe that we actually stumbled onto the gallery showing the glass spinning wheel that is so amazing!!

This wheel actually works and you can see it in all its glory on YouTube .

Like me, Judy likes to visit grocery stores when she travels. They are such great reflections of culture. So I took her off to the large Whole Foods store in The Purl. By then we had gotten better directions for Stumptown coffee. We finally settled down and had a caffeine fix. After that, Judy headed off to catch a bus back to her friend’s home and I met Bob and the family for dinner. What a delightful, serendipity filled day!! <