Rainbow Fishies!

Since my Beer Pint Mitts, I’ve been on a SpillyJane pattern kick.  I made these for my niece for Christmas:

Cupcakes for Kaitlyn 
Made in Stroll Tonal Blue Violet and a bunch of scraps

But honestly, they took me awhile – mainly because once I finished with the bodies I had something like a billion ends to weave in. So I threw them in a corner until I was ready to face them.  I mean I love how cute the colorwork mittens turn out but…the ends…

Enter Chroma.

We got our early shipment in and all of us were instantly in love – I had so many ideas of things I want to make!  But I ended up deciding on another SpillyJane pattern…and this went much quicker

fishy 2 

Rainbow Fishies!

I used the Swedish Fish pattern but decided to just use the bright & fun Lollipop colorway to create the colorful fishies without having ends to weave in.


I knew that because of all the colors in Lollipop, they wouldn’t all fit on one mitten so I would a bit off off of the ball in the opposite directlion so the striping would be opposite on each mitten


I used the Natural version of Chroma for the white part and made the thumbs in opposite colors.  I don’t mind having mismatched mittens!

I’m absolutely crazy about this yarn – it’s so very soft & fuzzy (single ply) plus it stripes!  Always a good thing in yarn in my opinion.  I love that both the Worsted & the Fingering are in 100 grams balls too!  I chose the worsted for yet another project and my queue is so long of things I want to make.

Also – naming these colorways was the most fun meeting I’ve had since I started working here – I hope you enjoy them too!

Still need some convincing to try Chroma?  Check out these wonderful patterns that our IDP designers whipped out for us – Megan Carrol’s Pergola Crochet Scarf, Lee Meredith’s Swerve Fingerless Mitts and Meghan Jones’s brand new Kaleidoscope Mittens!

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