Race to Wrapped – How to Choose Buttons

Buttons can be one of the last finishing details that you put on a sweater or cardigan, and it is just as important to choose the right buttons for your project as it is to find the right yarn. And if you have recently checked out our selection of buttons, you know just how many options, styles, materials, and shapes of buttons there are to choose from. So in the spirit of all the holiday knitting I’m sure everyone is busy with, we put together a handy tutorial on how to go about choosing a button style that works best for your project and yarn so you can put the finishing touches on all of those WIPs with confidence.

Who knew there were so many things to consider when choosing buttons for your project? Everything from the size of your project to the fiber content and weight of the yarn all have an impact on what button style might work best for you. Kerin covers so much useful information and has some really great tips, as well as advice on what things to watch out for and what to avoid.

What are some of your favorite buttons? Are you just starting your holiday knitting or are you one of the lucky few that are finishing things up already?