Quick and easy holiday ornaments

Love the look of spinning fiber but don’t you don’t spin?  Do you have a ton of fiber odds and ends that are too precious to toss, but aren’t quite enough to make a skein of yarn?

I bought a pack of empty clear glass ornaments at Target – I think it was $6 for a pack of 9 ornaments, although I’m pretty sure you could find them cheaper elsewhere.  In the office, we have samples of the Hanks in the Hood layered spinning batts that just launched on the website, and they come in a really beautiful spectrum of colors and textures and sparkle.

These ornaments are so fast to put together that they’re basically instant gratification.  I just carefully pulled the silver top off, used a double pointed needle (well, and my pinkie finger) to gently ease some roving into the ornament, and then popped the top back on once it looked full enough.

The DPN is great for moving the fiber around a little inside the ball in order to get your sparkle and colors arranged just-so.  This project uses so little fiber for each ornament you could safely make about 4 dozen ornaments from a single spinning batt.  These batts come in multicolored layers, so you would end up with a beautiful assortment of ornaments that all coordinate.

For the more traditional tastes out there looking to outfit a Christmas tree, you could also use our Wool of the Andes Roving in traditional Christmas colors for these ornaments (Hot Rod Heather, Dill Heather, Aurora Heather, and Bare shown above).