Purse organizer as portable knitting kit

Wave anything in front of me that has a lot of pockets and I will buy it! I often don’t even know how I am going to use the item but I just know it has potential. If you blend pockets with bright, “Kelley” colors and I end up drooling in public.

This little gem is designed to hold all of the odds and ends that are a pain to move from one purse to another. And, to keep them easily within reach even in the deepest bag. Here’s the thing – I’ve been watching the new trend towards carrying clutches. It looks so clean and simple. But, a bit too confining. While Bob and I were in New York City last fall for our niece’s wedding, I found the perfect solution. A brilliant leather, fold-over clutch that holds credit cards, driver’s license, reading glasses, money, keys, cell phone, etc. Everything that is supposed to be set up in my “PurseN Small Organizer”. 

The purpose of the PurseN line is to make easy for you to move your essentials from purse, or bag, to another. What items to I have trouble keeping organized when I switch purses? My knitting tools!!! 

Just look at that variety of pockets. 

It has expandable gussets. And, it sits up so nicely.

It’s been quite awhile since I thought about my knitting tools. Things have sort of gotten scattered from project to project. That means that my first step was to gather up everything I wanted to set up in my PurseN.

Here’s the list – 

Little green box with folding scissors, a few stitch markers, a key to tighten my Interchangable Needles and a blunt needle. I also have a flexible book light for when I am knitting in restaurants, a pretty notebook, a colorful pen, a set of crochet hooks for picking up dropped stitches, a variety of cables, interchangeable buttons to hole a project on a cable, a needle sizer and a finger nail file. 

Also essential, a granola bar and some hard candies. Since I am often knitting as I wait for Bob, or to board a plane, etc. it’s good to have a little snack on hand.

What became clear to me is that I am missing a few essentials. I need to order a green Happy Knit tape measure, Knitted Sock and Sweater notecards, locking stitch markers and some Split Ring Stitch Markers

You can put a small knitting project in the center but I decided to take advantage of the large center area of the PurseN to keep a drop spindle and some fiber. Sometimes I can’t really pull out some knitting but I want something to do with my hands. Waiting in the security line at the airport is one of my favorite examples. Or, waiting for my luggage at baggage claim. 

Now look at that! A fiber lover’s little bit of organizational heaven.