Precious Preciosa!

Canary Preciosa

Our ever so soft and precious Preciosa is one of our hottest deals of the summer! This incredibly luxurious single-ply Merino yarn is available in a range of tonal jewel-like colors ready to create the softest, coziest sweaters, cowls, hats or blankets you’ve ever felt. If you love these jewel-like colors HURRY because after this sale they will be gone forever! Don’t fret though this isn’t the end of our Precious Preciosa. We are currently developing NEW colors! YAY!

The Squish Factor

If you haven’t felt this beautiful Merino yarn, then you’re missing out! This is one of the most squishy yarns we have, making it our favorite go to yarn for winter accessories. This yarn is made to endure the coldest winter weather, so don’t worry about snuggling up close to this yarn. Its 100% Merino Wool so there is zero itch-factor! Preciosa is a single ply yarn that has subtle differences in thickness that give a handspun look to your finished projects. The worsted weight is perfect for quick projects or extra-warm garments.

Preciosa Close-up

Say Good-bye

The beautifully vibrant Pokeberry, Canary, and Anemone as well as the rich Stormy, Captain, Gladiola, and Crest colors will be gone for good. If you are a pink lover you have to get your hands on the Pokeberry color STAT! Its the perfect shade of pink to make any garment or accessory POP! Love rich ocean colors and teals? Grab the Crest color and you will not be disappointed! But you have to HURRY! Make your winter garments and accessories exclusive for you and your loved ones with these soon-to-be vintage colors.

If you’re a Merino lover like myself, than you need to HURRY on over to our site! There’s only a little more time left for you to get your hands on these colors before their gone for good!


  1. Louise / July 16, 2018

    Is it really Superwash? It doesn’t say so on the webpage.

    • admin / July 17, 2018

      Unfortunately it is not – we’ve updated the post!

  2. BB / July 11, 2018

    These colors are so wonderful — why are they being discontinued? Just curious…..