Prayer Shawl is on its way

I am astounded at how quickly this shawl knit up and how happy I am with the results. It feels light as a cobweb and is a perfect size. Long enough to wrap generously around my friend’s shoulders. It is also narrow to fit on a hospital bed.

The blocking went quickly with the use of blocking wires. I had thought about wetting it at the office but I love the smell of Kookaburra wash so much that I soaked the shawl at home while Bob finished his breakfast. I wrapped the shawl in a towel, let the bundle spin around on the spin cycle of the washing machine and tossed it into the back of my car. By the time I had it blocked out, it was practically dry. I used my plant mister to dampen it to set the pattern.

Look how it gets caught up in just a light breeze!! I’m so glad to be able to send it off today. And, I’ve decided to use the same Lattice Shawl pattern for Lora’s shawl. The one I promised her about a year ago. I have three colors – Natural, Black Forest and Black in Suri Dream. I think I will play with some sort of striping pattern. I’ll think about it while we are in Boston. <