Podcast Episode 67: Ethnic Knitting Interview

Kelley and our in-house designer Kerin Dimeler talk about ethnic colorwork and knitting styles, from Fair Isle to Lithuania.

Patterns Discussed

“Sipalu” Palette Sampler Bag – warm, cool, and tranquil colorways

Aguona Laptop Bag Kit – red and blue colorways

Andean Chullo Hat Kit

How to steek using sewn reinforcement (featuring the Aguona Laptop Bag discussed in the podcast)

What’s On My Needles

To keep up with my knitting progress during the week, be sure to check out my personal blog.

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Music used in this Podcast
Introduction: A Sunken Ship Irony – Reflection at Sundown [http://spotlessrecords.com/asunkenshipirony/]
Book Review: Jim Ronayne – The Three Brethren [http://www.jimronayne.co.uk/]
What’s On My Needles: Beyond The Pale – The Music Plays Me [http://www.beyond-the-pale.com/]
Ending: Jim Ronayne – Thoughts Of You [http://www.jimronayne.co.uk/] <