Podcast Episode 62: Interview with Miriam Tegels, Speed Knitter!

Kelley talks with Miriam about being in the Guinness Book of World Records as the World’s Fastest Knitter. We also have video of Kelley’s lesson and excerpts from the podcast!

Miriam’s website

Miriam gives Kelley a lesson on how to knit faster

So you wanna compete to be the World’s Fastest Knitter?
Kelley and Miriam (the World’s Fastest Knitter) talk about how to start training to beat Miriam’s record.

The Speed Knitter – Origins Kelley asks Miriam (the World’s Fastest Knitter!) about how she first figured out she’s super-speedy.

What to look for in knitting needles?
Kelley and Miriam (the World’s Fastest Knitter!) talk about the benefits of knitting needles with sharp points.

– Miriam’s Rapid Eye Movement
Kelley asks Miriam about how quickly her eyes move while she’s speed knitting.

PDX Event highlights
We hosted an event on July 30, 2008 so that Miriam could meet some local Portland, OR knitters.

What’s On My Needles

To keep up with my knitting progress during the week, be sure to check out my personal blog.

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