Podcast Episode 56: What

The connection between the weight of a ball of yarn and the length of the yarn in that ball can be a mystery for some knitters. Understanding how weight is used in the yarn manufacturing industry makes everything else much more understandable.

1 oz. = 28 grams

Books in Book Review

Color Sense by Susan Levin

The Twisted Sisters Sock Workbook by Lynne Vogel

Knitted Socks by Anna Tillman

What’s On My Needles

I’ve been knitting, reading, spinning and walking. Just for your reference here are the sites connected to all the fun I’ve been having the last couple of weeks.

Down East Walking Sticks – I love that I can break it down into three pieces and pack in my suitcase.

Golding Aromatherapy Drop Spindle
– I have the 2 ¾” Cherry Wood

Applied I-Cord lessons

Applied I-Cord Border Basics

Applied I-Cord Corner Turn

Applied I-Cord Kitchener Stitch Join

To keep up with my knitting progress during the week, be sure to check out my personal blog.

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Music used in this Podcast
Introduction: A Sunken Ship Irony – Reflection at Sundown [http://spotlessrecords.com/asunkenshipirony/]
Book Review: Jim Ronayne – The Three Brethren [http://www.jimronayne.co.uk/]
What’s On My Needles: Beyond The Pale – The Music Plays Me [http://www.beyond-the-pale.com/]
Ending: Jim Ronayne – Thoughts Of You [http://www.jimronayne.co.uk/] <