Podcast Episode 4: Wool, from start to finish

First, I need to give you an apology for the brevity of this podcast. This week was filled with activities that kept me away from my taping equipment and computer. Lots of out-of-town visitors, a quick two-day get away with Bob and golf. You will hear all about it in the podcast.

My mind has been focused on wool all week. It must be because I have been thinking about buying a new spinning wheel. That led to the podcast topic – the structure of wool fibers, how that changes depending on the breed of sheep and what it means in terms of the finished yarn. Armed with a bit of knowledge, I hope you can feel much more confident choosing wool yarns for particular projects you have in mind.  

All the time away from the office gave me plenty of time to knit. And, to reflect on how nicely knitting fits into whatever chaos happens. I was lucky to have a couple of easy projects at hand to accommodate my needs.


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