Podcast Episode 325: All About Lace!
Sagebrush Shawl

Let’s take a look at lace knitting. Now, lace is a polarizing topic in our offices here at Knit Picks and we’re betting that it’s the same way in the broader knitting world. Either you love it, hate it or just haven’t taken the plunge and started your first project. If you’re lukewarm about lace or a newbie, this podcast episode is for you!

We’ve just released a new collection of heavier weight lace patterns that are a great way to get started. Stacey talks with Kalurah Hudson, one of our designer extraordinaires and a contributor to this collection about lace. Starting with fingering, worsted or even bulky weight lace projects means you can get comfortable with charts and lace basics without committing to a lace project that never seems to end! The epitome of quick and cozy, Sway is a great collection for experienced lace lovers as well. 

Next, Lee and Hannah talk about their favorite tools to make knitting lace a breeze. With the right tools, yarn and techniques, lace becomes one of the easiest techniques to master. After this episode, you’ll have perfect projects, crisp stitches and zero fears when it comes to lace knitting.

Lastly, stay tuned for a call we received on our phone line! A super fan from Canada called to share their favorite yarns and we were so delighted. We had to include the voicemail here and really, we couldn’t have said it better ourselves. 

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Featured image includes:

Sagebrush Shawl
Paragon Sport Yarn

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0:00 Introduction with Hannah
1:26 Stacy interviews Kalurah
10:34 Lee and Hannah talk about their favorite tools for lace
37:57 Listener voicemail
42:53 Credits

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  1. AliceHertzler / August 16, 2020

    I have been knitting since I was in my teens and I have enjoyed continuing over my than 50 years.
    But I have not explored knitting beyond the basic knit & pearl.