Podcast Episode 197: Interview with Audrey Knight

In this week’s podcast episode, Kelley gets a chance to talk with designer Audrey Knight about her newest book Reversible Scarves! Audrey began knitting in 2004 and quickly began exploring the world of design. Hear all about her transition from knitter to knitwear designer, and how she came up for the idea for her book which features reversible patterns that are sure to “cure the wrong side blues” as Audrey says. Kelley walks through each chapter of the book, and chats with Audrey about the unique patterns and techniques for creating your own reversible patterns and designs.

You can find Audrey’s newest book here:
Reversible Scarves eBook
Reversible Scarves (printed version)

And don’t forget, Audrey also has several designs in the IDP program which you can find here:
Audrey Knight’s patterns
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