Podcast Episode 175: Interview with Alasdair Post Quinn

This week, Alison gets a chance to chat with Alasdair Post Quinn, author of the new
book, Extreme Double Knitting! Know for his innovative spin on double
knitting, Alasdair’s patterns show off color and double knitting in
unique and creative ways. Hear all about how Alasdair first got into
knitting, what drew him to double knitting, and the chain of events
brought about the idea for a book on double knitting. After working on
his book for the last few years, Alasdair is currently focusing his
creative energies on designing single patterns and experimenting with
even more extreme forms of double knitting.

You an find out more about Alasdair over on his blog and website.

Books Mentioned:

Extreme Double Knitting by Alasdair Post Quinn (hardcover & eBook available)


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