Podcast Call for Entries: FIT!

Do you knit or crochet fitted garments, or do you choose styles that are relatively unshaped? We’re looking for stories about how you nailed it, and made a piece of clothing that fit you like a glove (or a sweater, or a…well, you get the point). What made it a success, and what trials did you have to go through? We also know you have disaster stories: sweaters that reached the ground, garments that strangled their recipients, necks that hung agape. We want to hear those, too! We’re also curious as to what you think is helpful in a pattern, to guarantee a good fit. What do you make sure is included, before you cast on?

Contact us at podcast@knitpicks.com and if we choose your entry for our next podcast, we’ll send you a charm pack of our favorite yarns. Write now!