Podcast 262: Milestones & Memories

Join us as we take a little time to look into our new book, Milestones & Memories, dedicated to commemorating life’s special moments. Alison and Jennifer talk about the story behind the book, what it’s intended for, and some ideas for getting the most out of it. To follow up, Daniel talks with Knit Picks intarsia prodigy Alexis to go over intarsia basics, how it compares to other forms of colorwork, and some tips and tricks to have your intarsia looking its best.

Follow along with Alexis & Daniel with these handy chart excerpts:

Professor Meow, main motif chart excerpt
Knit Picks Podcast, Episode 262: Milestones and Memories - Professor Meow knitted sweater intarsia pattern chart excerpt
Milestones & Memories, Heart Chart Excerpt
Knit Picks Podcast, Episode 262: Milestones and Memories - Wedding afghan intarsia keepsake knitting heart chart
Milestones & Memories, Cat Chart Excerpt
Knit Picks Podcast, Episode 262: Milestones and Memories - Baby Blanket intarsia keepsake knitting cat chart

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  1. Lin / August 31, 2017

    Daniel! Loving the podcasts, especially this one on Intarsia. (You should add Intarsia to the tags). One bit of constructive criticism, I can hear lots of thumps in the mic, either from you moving against your mic or someone tapping the table. I get the impression, you’re very animated when you talk, which is adorable. The sound is distracting, though. Thanks for picking the podcast back up. I feel like it went unloved for a little while and I missed it!

    • Daniel K. / August 31, 2017

      Thanks for the feedback, Lin! We’ll be sure to pay closer attention to that in the future. I do tend to talk with my hands (I’ve been known to knock over drinks. . .) 🙂